The power of gratitude & how to begin implementing it

The power of gratitude & how to begin implementing it

One must never underestimate the power of a simple “THANK YOU,” be it in our minds, or said out loud. Sadly, not every one realizes just how powerful it is and how greatly it can transform our mental well-being just by practicing this gratitude mindset as a way of life!

Before we delve deeper, let’s take a moment to first understand what exactly is gratitude. Put simply, it is defined as the quality of being thankful or appreciative. It is the state of being ready to show appreciation to others and to be aware of all the good things that happen to us so that we do not take these things for granted. However, it is not as simple as saying a mere thank you. There is a difference in saying ‘thank you’ in order to be polite and saying ‘thank you’ because we truly feel grateful. While the former is what people have been taught to do from a very young age because it is the ‘polite’ thing to do and it is ‘good manners,’ the latter is actually what we call true gratitude and it is less common. This gratitude is purely heartfelt and is not done only because one is expected do so. It is this form of gratitude that we will be talking about here because this is the one that is least taught and least discussed but is actually the most important in order to lead a happy, fulfilled life.

The benefits of being grateful are many. They range from elevated emotional and physical health due to lower levels of anxiety and stress and a greater ability to live in the present moment, to improved self esteem and self confidence, improved relationships, greater clarity and overall a happier sense of being. Gratitude is also very important in business. It improves business relationships, encourages continuous learning, improves problem solving skills, improves your reputation and image, makes you a better and more resilient leader and makes people more aligned to an organizations goals and therefore work harder.

So- we know that having a gratitude mindset comes with tremendous benefits and an absolutely MAGICAL way of living, if one can practice true, heartfelt gratitude regularly. But it all sounds much easier than done. How do we begin? Here are some small tips to begin implementing this practice in your daily life –

  • As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, the first words that must come out of your mouth or said in your mind is THANK YOU for making me live another beautiful day!
  • Before you begin eating a meal, feel grateful for having food on your plate because not so many are this lucky. And then savour every bite!
  • When you are served, either by a helper or a friend or anyone at all, say THANK YOU – appreciate them and actually mean it!
  • Before you go to sleep every night, think about the best moment of your day and feel happy and grateful about it. Go to sleep with a smile, and then wake up the next day also with a smile on your face.

These are extremely easy, small ways to infuse the magic of gratitude in your life, and once you begin, you will only get deeper and deeper into it. Begin doing these small tasks with your children, your husband, and your entire family if you will! The more gratitude in the house, the happier the environment! Once you start having a gratitude mindset, you will begin to realize that life itself is a miracle and every moment is something to be grateful for!

This knowledge is important to be learnt right from preschool years so that we bring up children to be happy, positive, and resilient and who treat life as a celebration in itself. It is these children who will be able to THRIVE in any circumstance that life throws at them. So today, let’s vow to bring in the magic of GRATITUDE & POSITIVITY in our lives and lets spread it as far and wide as we can!


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