Become A Bellwether International ICSE School Franchisee And Be Assured Of Long-Term Success

Become A Bellwether International ICSE School Franchisee And Be Assured Of Long-Term Success

Bellwether International is a private limited company set up by highly skilled professionals who have the experience and expertise of running over  International ICSE School Franchisee across the country.  Bellwether Management’s expertise lies in building, operating and managing various kinds of schools in small & large towns and in not only providing curriculum but also the entire ecosystem of operating a school.


The 7 Benefits of associating with the Bellwether brand:


  • Backed by two reputed corporate families – the Goenka’s and the Dandekar’s, the company brings to the table, decades of rich and diverse experience. Having run successful businesses for many years, both the families have lent their know-how to the company and have put together a team of professionals who know how to deliver.


  • 360-degree training and support provided to start a school franchise and set up a premium international quality school. Our team of professionals is available for expert guidance and consultation. When you embark on a new venture there are bound to be hurdles, some small, some major but through proper training and support we will ensure you are able to overcome and move ahead and your dream of starting a premium international school is fulfilled.


  • Once you have finalised your decision to start an ICSE School Franchisee, Bellwether will hold hands with you throughout the process – be it legal, financial, operational, right from acquiring land to ultimately starting the school. As they say the genius is in the details, so as you start the process of starting the school, there will be a lot of aspects you need to look into and we will be there standing firmly with you to support you during this process.


  • How to market, how to use digital media effectively to get admissions etc. is also a part of our intensive setup process.This is crucial since attracting the right audience and making them understand the benefits of admitting their children in an international school is very important. There is bound to be competition and parents will compare the fees with the local schools.


  • We will also help you with acquiring project finance from leading financial institutions at attractive rates of interest.


  • A process driven and efficient operations driven by technology will ensure long term success of the school.


  • The most important benefit of associating with the Bellwether brand(owning an ICSE School Franchisee ) is “being responsive to your needs”.

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