The Covid situation in India has been overwhelming and this has had adverse effects on the mental and emotional well-being of children in all age groups.
During such a time, Bellwether has started the HAKUNA MATATA program to instill lessons of positivity, good habits and fun into the online learning schedule.

The Bellwether team has begun working on a series of pre-recorded videos and programs that will help keep your child positively engaged during this stressful time.

The aim of the HAKUNA MATATA online program is to give parents all the tools and support required to make learning at home an effective, positive and fruitful experience!
In short – we aim to spread smiles and good vibes, far and wide!!

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    Start Your Journey

    How do I navigate this page?

    On this page, you will find programs with topics such as- 'Forming Good Habits- IQ,EQ,SQ,' a leadership program on 'The Bellwethers of the World’ and a program of short stories giving positive & powerful messages, amongst others. All you have to do is click on the topic that interests you and show your child one video from that topic every day. And of course, make sure to do what is told in the videos as that is how you will reap the benefits!

    A few points to keep in mind:
    • Consistency is key. Once you begin a pre-recorded program, be sure to finish it till the end and do not skip days in between as the continuity and flow is lost.
    • While you may find a few topics of interest, ALC recommends that you go through all the programs with your child as they all cover different aspects of learning and together comprise of a very holistic approach in nurturing the IQ,EQ and SQ.