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Start Your Own International School.

Bellwether International is one of the only schools in India that has gained the reputation of being a leading international school franchise catering to IGCSE and CBSE in such a short span of time. The quality of education and incessant support from the management team can truly be given full points in this regard. The Goenka Group, who is one of the co-founders of Bellwether and are a leading education stationary brand with over 80 years of legacy, are the leading promoters of Bellwether thus showing the immense faith they have in the quality of education and services of this high school franchise.

Bellwether International is now providing an opportunity to one and all to associate themselves with our expanding high school franchise brand. We help you through all the phases of development of the school right from the time the first brick is laid to when it is up and running. You will not only be attaching yourself a well-established chain of schools but will become a part of the Bellwether International family who will be with you every step of the way.

Let us give you some insight about the support services we provide to

Our ‘ International School Franchise Partner ‘.


We believe in automizing as many functions as possible as also creating a technology-driven environment to ensure smoothness of functioning. We have a special app for parent-teacher communication as also use ERP for Fee management, admissions management, lesson plan management, classroom management

Training and Development

We believe that the right training is extremely essential to maintain the quality of education. We hold first-year training, soft skill training, workshops for leadership, teachers, admin, parents as well as ERP training for the staff to ensure the staff is well equipped.

Land, Building and Legal Requirements   

We help you get the required permissions from the board and the government, help you finalize the strategic location, layouts, designs, vendors and also guide you through the phase wise infrastructural and development plan.

Quality Audit

We conduct periodical quality audits for the franchise which helps us discover any shortcomings if any and also helps us equip the franchise with improvement plans and tools.

Marketing Support

Marketing is an important aspect of opening a school and we aide the franchise in multiple ways to get the word out in the public. Digital marketing, offline marketing, social media marketing at the central and local level, competition marketing at local level, collaterals, marketing calendars, curriculum presentations, admission packs which include admission forms, brochures, registration forms, parents’ undertakings; we look after all marketing needs thus supporting you to reach the zenith of success

Fee Structures

Our team helps you decide a suitable fee structure by recommending location-based fees, fees for after school programs, fees for various camps held annually as well helping you build a business model for five years.


Becoming a part of an international school franchise in today’s day and age is proving to be profitable all over the world. It is a great business opportunity that should not be missed. Get in touch with us on our website to know more.


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