International School Business Was A Thriving Sector In The 2010s and Will Continue To In the Coming Decade.

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India has been emerging strongly as one of the worlds’ fastest-growing economies over the past decade. Globalisation and ever-growing competition have taken over the country and everyone is trying to equip their children with the best international schooling and education that will enable them to succeed in today’s’ world. This shift in choice form national to international education has led to the vast increase in demand for good international schooling platforms with promising goodwill attached to it. Parents today are happily investing money for their children in quality schools with an established brand value. The Bellwether International School, with exactly the kind of mighty goodwill parents, look for in schools, is presenting to you a franchise opportunity of the International School Business which will not only reap you profitable returns but also abundant satisfaction of providing quality education.

As per the outcome based on the research conducted by ISC, one of the leading researchers in the field of education, the student enrolment in international boards across India has increased by over 70 % in the past five years whereas the number of schools providing international education has increased by 45 %. These numbers not only prove our hypothesis of the expanding international school business but also show the dearth of possibilities in the field of international education that are yet to be taken advantage of. The Bellwether International School provides you with an opportunity to make the most of the current market demands by enabling you to pursue an International School Business and opening a franchise.

Starting an international school business involves multiple aspects. Right from registrations, permissions, licenses to leases, fixed costs and heavy investments, syllabus preparations and marketing. The process can be quite daunting and intimidating whereas the returns might remain unsure. These challenges are drastically subsidised in case of international school franchise business. The international school not only brings its attractive brand value and goodwill but also its structural, functional and operational expertise. This ensures healthy growth and influx of profits without unnecessary stress.

If you decide to open an international school franchise and do so with Bellwether International school, rest assured to receive class apart support and quality control that will help your business grow. Bellwether provides highly graded lesson plans including concept-based mind mapping, student resource kits and differentiated lessons for different learners. The teachers would be trained in house by the expert team to impart best subject knowledge and set up educative interactions to enable the use of best practices and leadership. Support is even provided for obtaining leases, making registrations, building lucrative marketing plans as well as implementing it. Due to these reasons, Bellwether has become the first choice of every international school franchise applicants and it should be yours too! Get in touch with us on our website to know more.


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