Hakuna Matata

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Mental health is equally important, if not more important than physical health. It is absolutely integral to living a healthy, balanced life. It is a general term that encompasses our psychological, emotional and social well-being. This means that it impacts how we think, feel and act every single day and therefore contributes to our decision making process and eventually how we lead our lives.

It is commonly known that energy (negative as well as positive) passes on from adults to children in a household. If children are constantly around negative energies, fighting adults and negative emotions, then subconsciously that passes down to the child and just because the child cannot express how they are feeling, it doesn’t mean that it will not affect the child’s mood, curiosity to learn and overall happiness. Mental health is therefore important not only in adults, but also in children and especially the tiniest ones who are least able to express themselves! This calls for a major need for mental health education and awareness that must begin right from preschool years.

The importance of mental health awareness in schools & preschools is therefore immense. This is the reason that Alphakids & Bellwether have launched a new HAPPINESS INITIATIVE- “HAKUNA MATATA” that focuses on inculcating a positive mindset in all our children!

The word “HAKUNA MATATA” is a Swahili language phrase from East Africa, meaning “no trouble” or “no worries.” The phrase was used in the 1994 Disney animated film The Lion King and its 2019 remake, in which it is translated as “no worries”.

To kick off our HAKUNA MATATA program, we have started a weekly session of ‘MAGICAL FRIDAYS’ which is a 30 minute session on inculcating a gratitude mindset in all our children (preschoolers till grade 5) along with the parents! This is a 15 week program.

Once schools and preschools reopen, along with our gratitude sessions, the Hakuna Matata program will also include a new kindness curriculum and sessions of yoga and meditation. We truly believe that it is our job as progressive educators to not only nurture a knowledgeable and smart generation of learners, but also to create learners that are happy and know how to deal with life’s obstacles and stresses and know how to help those around them and ensure that they are happy!

To learn more about our online sessions, please contact us on +91 9158004464 or fill in the inquiry form on our homepage.

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