Bellwether Successfully Opened 9 International School Franchise Across India

international school franchise in nanded

The concept of school evolved and grown to new heights in the last two decades. Today, people are eyeing the Bellwether school franchise as an excellent small-scale business which can fetch you good profits if managed effectively. These international school franchise is coming with low investments as such schools are automatically designed by the Franchiser. The Bellwether has opened more than 9 International Schools in India.


Also known as school, primary and secondary school is an educational set up or learning space where education is combined with fun and creative activities under the supervision of professionally trained adults. The children between the age group of 5 to 15 are considered to be fit to attend the school, although as young as 2 can also attend it.


What is School Franchise?

The international school franchise is a format of agreement in which the person who holds the right over the specific brand name grants the right to use it to others. The former is known as the ‘franchiser’ and the latter is known as the ‘franchisee’. In the education sector, franchising is very common.

As a school franchisee, you enjoy a lot of leverages as most of the schools provide staff recruitment, training, effective promotional material and even take care of the advertising. The franchisor only shares the brand image, but also the knowledge, experience and technical know-how with you.


An education franchise like the School franchise will offer the following advantages:


  1. Access to experienced management experts who know the ropes of the business.
  2. Instant visibility and promotion. The company with whom you associate will immediately insert your name on their website and start promoting as one of their branches attracting traffic.
  3. Support with regards to financial and legal matters which is extremely important. Starting on a solid foundation will give you a head start and brighten your long term chances of success.
  4. Sharing of accountability and responsibility with the company with whom you have signed up for the preschool franchise.
  5. Revenue will start flowing from the 1st year itself which will give you confidence and motivate you.

A school franchise which is well structured and well organised will give confidence to parents and in turn help business expansion.


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