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To succeed in the 21st century a person must possess a wide range of abilities and competencies, in essence many ‘literacies’. These ‘literacies’ range from being able to read a newspaper to understanding information provided by a health care provider. Bellwether International School offers multiple and dynamic learning programmes along with the core syllabus of a board (IGCSE, CBSE or ICSE).

Financial literacy can begin at a young age with simple money concepts such as how people earn money, understanding the difference between needs & wants and learning how to save money and the difference between big banks and piggy banks.

Our Health Literacy programme provides knowledge on topics such as fitness & hygeine, balanced diets and healthy eating habits. Global literacy is an understanding of how the world is organized and interconnected and the possibilities and constraints facing its peoples. We aim to make our students ‘Globally literate’ students so that they are empowered to effect positive change in an increasingly interconnected world.

The Civic Literacy programme aims at developing an understanding of civic rights and duties of citizens. Digital Literacy is the ability to effectively use technology tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create & communicate information. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. Children need social skills for building positive and healthy relationships with others including peers. Our curriculum promotes Life skills through role plays, debates, audio-visual activities, games, story telling and discussions.

The student-teacher ratio which is maintained at 30:1, allows for personal attention and individualized instruction to be given to each student through differentiation.
Student-centric teaching methods are the cornerstone of delivery of our curriculum.Additionally, experienced faculty is supported by ongoing professional development programmes that is the heart of the learning experience created at the school.

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