With an extended lockdown period of 4 months, there remain many more months before we can expect preschools to open, given that children here are the most susceptible to contagious viruses such as Covid-19. While Alphakids preschools have been extremely busy and doing a phenomenal job with engaging our preschoolers with online classes, it is important to note that a very new change in roles is now taking place: The role of parents has become even more important now, than ever before! Parents have had to become preschool facilitators overnight as well as technology officers as they are responsible to mediate and start and end every online class for their kids. However, this job of being an effective preschool facilitator for an extended period of time can become difficult without having the right equipment at home. Toys are just not enough. Teaching aids such as flashcards, Interactive worksheets and other child friendly teaching equipment make all the difference! This can be used to complement your child’s online classes regardless of which school they are currently attending as well as be effective in engaging your child productively even when online classes are not on!

It is our responsibility together to help YOU make this time constructive and productive for your child! This is why Alphakids preschools has launched a new ALPHA@HOME PACK! This pack includes teaching equipment, toys and interactive worksheets for every concept taught in any particular preschool year (Playgroup till Senior KG) and comes along with an instruction sheet for each concept. With this pack, parents will become more effective preschool facilitators for their children, online classes will become even more productive and your child’s time will be used even more fruitfully!

Even though your child’s preschool may be shut for the next few months, Alphakids is here to ensure that learning never stops! Our Alpha@home pack is launching soon – An early bird waitlist is now open to order your pack now! Please contact us on or call us at +91 7718837364 to order your pack now or learn more about it!

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